Album Release October 4th on the Bright Shiny Things label

When I began composing I did not recognize at the time where this deep need to do so came from. I knew that I wrote music in response to events in my life, but I did not realize until just recently that the process of becoming a composer was also the catalyst for growing into a new version of myself. These selected pieces from that time period highlight moments of this journey of becoming.


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CD Release Party

Miller Theatre
Pop-Up Concert Series
October 29th, 2019
feat. counter)induction


1. But Not Until (viola & cello)

2 – 4. I Only Speak of the Sun (String Trio)

I. The Sun is my Master
II. I shine on those who are forsaken…tear off the mask, your face is glorious
III. I will bring you love’s wine, for I am born of the sun

5. Released (solo scordatura cello)

6-9. Seasons of Basho (countertenor, viola, piano)

I. Spring
II. Summer
III. Autumn
IV. Winter

10. Only a Beginning (violin and viola)

11. Ring Out, Wild Bells
(for vocal octet and field recording, feat. Roomful of Teeth)

Album recording artists:

Miranda Cuckson (violin)
Jessica Meyer (viola)
Caleb van der Swaagh (cello)
Andrew Yee (cello)
Nicholas Tamagna (countertenor)
Adam Marks (piano)
Roomful of Teeth (vocal octet)

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