Articles by Jessica Meyer


Why I Play Contemporary Music

​Art gets made because there are people inspiring others to make it. ​

I loved writing this article about my love for new music and my journey while partnering with living composers.  Furthermore – all the great composers we admire were players and improvisers themselves….perhaps we should all embrace their inner Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven and start writing/improvising from time to time?

Time For Creativity

I found myself composing again after many years in response to the emotional trials of being a parent. In this article, I encourage other parents to create moments for themselves when they are truly in a state of “flow” while making stuff up.

Building an Ensemble Step by Step

As Edna Landau’s first ever guest blogger for Musical America, I tell the story of how counter)induction was created and what we learned along the way.

Building your Life in Music

I was asked to write an article for the Journal of the American Viola Society about what advice I would give those starting a career in music.  I feel these tips should be embraced way before graduation…I so wish I had them then.  Please pass them along to those still in school.

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