Through Which We Flow (World Premiere)

Click above link for video, piece starts at the 23 minute mark

May 18th, 2017 (premiere)

St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Wall Street

Julian Wachner, conductor

“…I was also struck by ‘Through Which We Flow,’ a new 15-minute work for strings by Jessica Meyer, a Novus violist. Its departure point was the lovely sound of works like the Dvorak and Tchaikovsky serenades, which Ms. Meyer quickly complicated, by dividing and redividing lines, and roughed up with astringent effects…”

“This Week’s 8 Best Classical Music Moments” Review in New York Times

Lucid Culture Review


This work is based on assertions found in Masaru Emoto’s book “The Hidden Messages in Water”, which can be interpreted as a more spiritual extension of String Theory/Quantum mechanics.

String Theory is about how objects in our universe are composed of vibrating filaments (strings) and membranes (branes) of energy, and the author asserts that the best vehicle to capture and transport these vibrations is water.

His way of proving this was to take pictures of the crystals formed in frozen water after being exposed to different kinds of music and concentrated thoughts directed towards the water. The results were a visual representation of the manifestation of variations of positive and negative emotions.

“Through Which We Flow” embodies different sonic manifestations of joy, hate, and prayer – using the resonances specifically created by string instruments and the unique acoustic of the church itself to remind us of the power of our own thoughts and actions.