Getting Home (I must be…)

January 18th, 2015

3′ 40″


I wrote most of this piece on a plane. I was traveling a lot, and on this particular flight from the west coast, I had a wave of anxiety pass over me as the plane took off because I really wanted to go home and get to my son Ethan.

For some reason, along with that feeling came a particular rhythm in my head that wound up being the pizzicato riff that drives the first half of this piece. Thankfully I didn’t have any devices to distract myself with or have a TV on the back of the seat in front of me ….so I grabbed my Expedia itinerary, flipped it over and started writing it out.

Creative ideas are like balls – you have to make the time to be ready to catch them as they are being thrown at you. This piece is for my son Ethan, who knows all too well the work it takes to catch these balls -but also sees the joy of someone doing something they love.