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The Beauty of Their Dreams

Within Two Walls

Ring Out Wild Bells Chorus

Ring Out Wild Bells Vocal Octet

Space In Chains

The Last Rose Cello Version

The Last Rose Viola Version

Seasons of Basho Viola Version

Seasons of Basho Cello Version




Octet, Sextet, and Quintet

A Fire to Be Kindled

The Dappled Light Just Beyond Her Skin

If Only I

Slow Burn Quintet

Sagrada Familia

Tapped into the same vein


Quartet, Trio, and Duo

Father Forgive Them

In Equal Measure

Get into the Now

I Only Speak of the Sun

Bridge and Tunnel

Vor Eternity Viola

Vor Eternity Cello

Only a Beginning

But not Until Viola Duo

But not Until Viola and Cello


Excessive Use of Force Viola

Excessive Use of Force Cello

Delta Sunrise Viola

Delta Sunrise Cello

Delta Sunrise Violin

Swerve Viola

Source of Joy

Hello Viola