Sep 17, 2021

National Sawdust at Bryant Park’s Picnic Performances
Allison Loggins-Hull, flutes
Gariella Martinez, piano

flute /alto flute and piano

commissioned by Allison Loggins-Hull for her
“Diametrically Composed” project


In 2018 I met a Brazilian man in Vermont (of all places!) whose family members were practitioners in the Candomblé religion. He introduced me to many different kinds of music and told me about the term “Axé” (pronounced Ash-AY) – which means “the spiritual force of the universe,” often being referred to as a “scared” and “vital” force.

This was exactly around the time I had to start writing Allison Loggins-Hull’s piece as part of her Diametrically Composed project. As we can both attest to, being a mom can be difficult and every day can present a new challenge. Yet at the same time, there is undeniable power in being the vessel responsible for delivering new life into the world.

This piece is a celebration of that vital force and the spiritual connection to our ancestors that is activated during certain moments of our lives.

***piece starts at 1:04:00***