Spectrum NYC

February 8th, 2015

Paul Dwyer, cellist

“…grit, urgency, and sonic presence also make this track a standout, his detuned C string gnashing and wailing… brace yourself for the overwhelming lyricism of the piece’s climax.”

I Care If You Listen


Back in 2013, a mother of a friend of mine died in a tragic car accident on I-95. A truck unexpectedly crossed over the median and crashed head-on into her car. I often wonder what those last moments of life might be like. You hear about flickering lights and memories, and perhaps a swirling vortex of images of your life flashing before your eyes. However quick or prolonged, panicked or serene, I believe there is a moment of irrefutable recognition when you know death is coming and you are about to be released into the other side. This piece explores all of these ideas, in the hopes that one would ultimately find peace when they get there.

I use the “Dead Man’s Tuning” (G – G – D – G) for this, which comes from the Appalachian Old Time fiddling tradition.